10 Aug

Moving with your dog

Pets are like humans, some of them like to move and explore and some of them love stability and don’t embrace changes as much. Depending on you and your dog, moving can be an awful experience or a beautiful experience. Before you start to think about moving with your dog you have to keep in mind that different dog breeds have different reactions to new places.

Visit your vet before you move. Tell him about your plans and make sure your dog is healthy and vaccinated. Ask for your pet’s health history to help your new vet build a strong relationship with the dog from the beginning. Don’t forget to ask for advice and be sure that everything is good with your lovely pet.


Be sure that you plan your route using pet-friendly stops. Make some research before you leave and keep in mind that not everyone loves dogs as you do. Check in advance if the restaurant you plan to eat is pet-friendly, make sure that you stop regularly to stretch your legs and your dog’s too. Find some parks or walking trails to make sure that you are keeping his blood flowing and make sure that you help him reduce stress.

Make sure that you help your dog keep his routines. If he is used to walk with you every morning don’t neglect that walk on the place you are heading. Keeping his habits will help him overcome the new house stress and it will help him adapt faster and easier. Canines are creatures that love consistency so if you eliminate his routine completely he will be extremely confused.

Get a travel partner for him. The best timing for you to bring a new doginto your family is while moving. You can get a new pet while moving so your dogs will arrive in a new home at the same time, they will explore the surroundings together, they will overcome fear together and they will thrive together. There are a lot of different dog breeds for sale online so you can make sure that your choice is perfect for you, your dog and your new home.

Moving will never be easy so you have to plan every step accordingly. If you want more advice about dogs and all kinds of pets visit www.mypetzilla.co.uk. On Mypetzilla you can find a lot of pets for sale and some well written advice for you and your dog.